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Park's Custom Pedals is dedicated to making affordable works of art, one pedal at a time. Our sole purpose is to help others find their own unique sound. 

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Built for sonic excellence

The Ninurta is a pedal the acts like an amp. The contour is a mid-frequency shift that goes from low to high mids. The tone control can add a wide range of tones. The master volume has enough push to use as a preamp and the volume will push the gain stage of the pedal. The gain from zero to 9 o'clock is the overdrive from there the distortion kicks in. Demos of this Pedal can be found on Youtube by Greg Campbell of Angry tones, Roberts Guitar Dungeon, Geargasms with Alan Barnes, Truck Driver Shawn, Louis Torres.

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"I’d like to start, by saying Park is one of the nicest guys out there! His passion for building pedals and his customer service is absolutely top notch. My first impressions with the Ninurta Overdrive/Distortion were definitely an awesome experience! From the pedals “Amp Like” distortion tones on a clean channel, to it’s crushing overdrive tones pushing my crunch channel on my Randall Diavlo! It’s a beautiful pedal all around and I enjoy experimenting with all of its versatility! If you want solid jcm800 vibes all the way to thick brutal overdriven tones, look no further than the the Ninurta Overdrive/Distortion Pedal! Get addicted to the tone with P.C.P Pedals!"

Greg Campbell (aka) Angry Tones Riff Clips

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